Northwest Territory is a brand of Safety and Outdoor footwear registered in the UK and is not associated with the Northwest Territory branded camping and outdoor range which is available in other countries. Our footwear is displayed on the product pages of this site. Please do not contact us about products other than Northwest Territory Footwear. We do not currently supply footwear to the United States or Canada.


If goods have been purchased through a retailer/trader/country fair/etc, then the contract of purchase is between them and the consumer. Unfortunately, Northampton Footwear Distributors Ltd is unable to offer refunds or exchanges on goods purchased through a third party. Although this is no excuse for poor quality or bad service, from a legal point of view we are unable to help you directly. We do not want anybody to be disappointed with their purchase, so it is essential that you retain the receipt or obtain the contact details of any trader from whom you purchase Northwest Territory Footwear, in order for problems to be resolved satisfactorily.

For a more detailed explanation of the Retailers Obligation Click here

Northampton Footwear Distributors Ltd imports tens of thousands of pairs of Northwest Territory Boots each year, and has experienced very few quality control issues.

In the circumstance that you may have purchased a pair of Northwest Territory Boots that have proved to be unsatisfactory, and are unable to return them to the trader from whom you purchased them, as a gesture of goodwill, we can offer to sell you another pair at a discounted rate. (Details are available upon request).

Please beware of cheap imitations. Northampton Footwear Distributors Ltd are the owners and sole importers of the Northwest Territory and Northwest Footwear ranges.



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