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Northwest Territory continues to grow, being recognised as a competitive brand within the UK and is establishing a proven track record for sales between £25-£50 at retail outlets. Therefore, this season we have expanded our range with some exciting new styles and developments with more hiking lines than ever before.

The materials we use are sourced for a specific balance between quality and price. The constant strive to maintain this status quo remains our first priority; this allows us to enhance customer satisfaction and in turn encourages the continual growth of the products alongside brand loyalty.

After a year situated in our new premises, we now have in place the systems to take, process and despatch orders the same day if received by 10.30am. Coupled with our 24-hour delivery service, this enables stock to be replenished as quickly as possible.

We have modified our range of Oaktrack branded products and have begun to stock Dunlop branded wellingtons alongside our own, plus the introduction of a range of ladies warm-lined winter boots. Click on the links to view products.

Our Cash & Carry has flourished in the last year and we are taking steps to streamline our sales operation. Our range has been developed and has expanded from the previous years with the introduction of collections.

Our new brochure explicitly shows the direction we are heading in and continues to highlight the quality of the products we now hold. Also available will be a selection of clearance.

Unfortunately this year we have again felt the ripples of the depression in the form of rising freight costs, currency fluctuations and raw material price increases. However despite this we managed to maintain the same prices all through last year. We have tried hard to minimise increases this season but it has been impossible to hold prices and maintain the quality we have built our reputation on. We have recently sourced new avenues to prevent this from occurring on a dramatic scale so the implications for the customer would be minimal at worst. We also plan, when possible, to offer deals which we have secured from suppliers on styles not catalogued which would be based on limited stock levels.

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Northwest Territory Hiking/Safety Boots

– As we are a footwear wholesaler we wanted to display feedback from the general public and these reviews can all be found on Amazon when searching for Northwest Territory boots.

“Having bought a pair of these about two weeks ago they have certainly been put to the test by me. I have used them in the snow and rain and as advertised they kept my feet dry and warm.
On the ice they have a good grip which lets you walk steady and without the fear of falling.
I have used them for work and leisure time, worn them almost every day and they have kept me happy in the performance area. Very comfortable and durable. I will definitely be buying more of these boots.” – Jamie Lad (Amazon Review)

“I bought these for my work boots as I was sick of getting damp or wet feet at work! I fit TV aerial systems and satellite systems. Ive used them for around 3 weeks now and Im very pleased. I did however have to send the size 10s back for an exchange up to size 11s, despite me being a size 10-10.5. Afer the first couple of days of “wearing them in” they proved very comfortable. For the price range they fall within, they look great too. Id definitely consider buying either these boots again or different boots by the same manufacturer.” – Gaz (Amazon Review)

“I purchased these boots for taking my dogs on long walks and needed boots that wouldn’t leak, has good grip and was comfortable for 1-3hours walks in woodlands/muddy and very wet areas.  6 months in since buying these boots I have used them almost every day and they are still waterproof and show hardly no ware or tare. The boots where abit uncomfortable at first but after about a two weeks to break them in the boots are now very comfortable and lightweight. The boots came with spare laces and a Northwest leather key holder type tag.

They have been excellent so far and has lasted long then my other and much more expensive boots.” – John T (Amazon Review)

“By far the best boots I have ever bought! Having had a bad experience with Karrimor boots I opted for a refund and chose this brand to replace them. They are like gloves for my feet! They have been thoroughly tested by being saturated during a thunderstorm on Brean Down in Somerset which resulted in them being stuffed with newspaper and fully dry the next morning. In fact I have just returned from an 8 mile walk and my feet are feeling great.
S superb product that performs exceptionally well, provides great comfort in all terrains and is extremely good value for money. Thoroughly recommended!” – RG (Amazon Review)

“Very simple, very comfy and very robust pair of boots. The laces are a bit thin and rubbish though and they’ve started to fray the side of the boot which may be my tying technique. Still, they keep your feet warm and dry. Good grip too. Very happy with these.” – John (Amazon Review)

“I love these boots. I ordered them apprehensively at the start of spring when planning to get out walking a little more often (xmas guilt) When they arrived i was very impressed, they’re smarter than the picture suggests.
As the months have rolled on i’ve found that they’ve now become my default choice of footwear, they’re comfortable, easy on the eye, proven to be puddle proof (i havent gone out of my way to test how waterproof they are) and smart enough to wear with anything to almost anywhere. And that’s before we even mention the price..!! They’re unbelievable value for money.
They were so impressive that i’ve just taken delivery of my second pair. My originals are still fine for everyday use, in fact im wearing them now, but i noticed that they dont look quite as new as they did, hardly surprising given that they’ve rarely been off my feet since April, so wanted to buy some replacements for ‘smarter’ service. And also i was concerned that there’d be none left when i did actually need new ones. All in all i highly recommend these boots to anyone wether for long walks or general service. They’re brilliant.” – Blaze (Amazon Review)

“Like these boots very much I bought them after reading the reviews and so far they have been very good. I haven’t put them to the full test yet though this will be done later in the year or possibly the beginning of next.So at the moment no problems.” – Zero (Amazon Review)

“I bought these boots about two weeks ago!!! in a lovely pink! we went to Wales on a walking Holiday I wore them every day for 8 hours…amazing great boots….I have Just ordered my second pair in brown!they are nice and light feel great…very happy with my boots…. for years I have spent £100s of pounds…not been happy now have found the boots for me.thanks to amazon.
my best regards
Julie” – JulieB (Amazon Review)

“Brilliant boots, very comfortable and very well made. Was worried they’d be a bit clumpy and heavy – but they aren’t heavy at all and look much better than the photos. Super fast delivery. Loved the price, love the boots.” – Red (Amazon Review)

“Warm. Sturdy. Good Grip. Leak proof. These boots are the best boots I have ever bought. I wear them everyday to work and don’t feel like I have to rip them off the second I get home. So comfortable. Better than any expensive shoes/boots I have ever owned. Would recommend these for walkers and workers alike!” –  John_T (Amazon Review)

“I was unsure about purchasing boots on-line but the purchase was very efficient and quick. I was comparing the Northwest Territory boots with the Magnum Patrol and they compare vary favourably. They were immediately comfortable and have excellent grip. I can strongly recommend them to anyone.” – David (Amazon Review)

“I’ve been toying with buying these boots for a while now, and was encouraged by other customer reviews, but I’d never bought footwear online before and was reticent to do so. I am so glad I finally made the plunge! Boots arrived very promptly, and as soon as I opened them I knew I’d made the right choice – they really look the part, and are exceptionally well made for their price.
As soon as I put them on I knew I had a wee bargain in my hands..or rather, on my feet! Really, really comfy. Warm too! The weather here in Scotland has been..wet(nothing knew there!), but excellent conditions to road test a new pair of boots. Again, everything you could ask for. Warm, comfy, waterproof, and nice to look at. Do you need anything else?
For £30 these boots are an absolute steal. Buy yourself a pair!” – Baedof (Amazon Review)